Frame Materials

Choose from a wide variety of spectacle frames available in our office. Many designer lines are represented, including: Ralph Lauren® Polo, Coach™, and Donna Karan, just to name a few. We have over 900 frames in stock. In addition to the economy and designer frames available on display in our office, we can special-order almost any frame available in the world.

Today’s frames are made of many different materials, including:

  1. Zylonite/Zyl
  2. Cellulose Propionate
  3. Nylon
  4. Rubber
  5. Carbon Fiber
  6. Polyamide
  7. Optyl
  8. Kevlar
  9. Nickel Silver
  10. Monel Metal
  11. Aluminum
  12. Beryllium/Copper
  13. Memory metals
  14. Titanium

Each of the above materials has different properties that have advantages and disadvantages. Today most “plastic” frames are made of zylonite, cellulose propionate or polyamide. The “metal” frames are usually made from nickel silver and Monel. Today, we recommend titanium frames for their high tensile strength, for their being ultra-lightweight, and for their impressive corrosion resistance. If you would like a plastic material, the polyamide materials hold their color very well and are highly scratch resistant and hypoallergenic, too. Please ask us about which material would be best for your lifestyle. In addition to the material used, many frames are made differently:

  • All metal frames
  • All plastic frames
  • Combination frames (part metal and part plastic)
  • Rimless mountings
  • Nylon suspension frames (semi-rimless)
  • Sports frames
  • Industrial frames

Each frame has a different design to the bridge, which is very important when selecting your frames. If the bridge does not fit your nose, then the frame will not balance the weight of the lenses, and your glasses will be uncomfortable. Today, plastic and metal frame materials use a different design on the bridge of the frame to make it more comfortable. In addition, temples can come in different styles and materials. Many hinges have different mechanisms that are designed to absorb the stresses of daily use.

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