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We provide contact lens services and materials for all contact lens wearers, including all available contact lens materials, design, and wearing schedules for nearsighted, farsighted, astigmatism, and presbyopia conditions. We offer advanced contact lens types, including orthokeratology/corneal molding to manage refractive conditions, as well as providing care for corneal rehabilitation for eye diseases like keratoconus, Pellucid marginal degeneration, Salzmann’s nodular degeneration, Corneal dystrophy, and other vision damaging corneal eye diseases.

Even if you have not considered contact lenses as an option in the past, now may be a great time to have our doctors and team help you review these excellent alternatives.

For more information regarding contact lenses, email your questions to us or contact us today at (405) 372-1715.

Soft Lenses

We provide emergency care for all ocular emergencies. Our office has a doctor on-call at all times outside of our customary office hours. Bausch and Lomb first introduced soft contact lenses in 1972.

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