Part I: Can We Cure Nearsightedness?

Nearsightedness, or myopia, is a visual condition in which patients cannot see clearly in the distance however, can see clearly at near.  The level of vision a person has at distance or near varies depending on if the patient has mild, moderate, severe, or extreme...

Part II: Can We Cure Nearsightedness?

In part one of “Can We Cure Nearsightedness” we discussed myopia, its incidence and the expected increase over the next 30 years.  Currently there are a number of clinical approaches to preventing or slowing the progression of nearsightedness.  These approaches...

Part III: Can We Cure Nearsightedness?

In part two of “Can We Cure Nearsightedness” we went over ways to control the progression of nearsightedness by spending more time outdoors and getting more exposure to daylight, as well as, reducing the amount a patient accommodates or focuses by practicing a safe...

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